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Alpacas of Windy Haven Farm is a small family-owned farm in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We adore our animals, and our 19 alpacas share the farm with our growing family of ducks and chickens. We work with a co-op in Massachusetts to create beautiful, high-quality, 100% US-made and sourced alpaca products such as socks, hats, scarves, ponchos and more. You can typically find our products for sale at local craft shows, farmers’ markets or artisan showcases. Our customers are amazing and we always aim to produce products that exceed all expectations.

Expanding our reach by selling online has always been a goal of ours and we’re so happy you’re here to visit our website and browse our available products. We’re still learning the ins and outs of e-commerce, so please reach out to us if there is a product you’ve seen on our Facebook page or if there’s something specific you’re interested in. 

We love life on the farm with our alpacas and helpful farmhands!

We want to thank you for your support of our family-run small business.

If you’re local to Northeastern Pennsylvania and want to check out our products before you buy, you can find our products when shopping or dining with some of our partners.

You can also find the Alpacas of Windy Haven Farm team exhibiting at craft shows and farmers’ markets whenever we are able! 

We’re so grateful to the following partners who showcase our products within their locations.

Alpacas of Windy Haven Farm